Help Out

If you can support us or help out please get in touch.

Your help is welcome and it can be in many different forms, whether that’s supplying cake/coffee at our events and work parties, digging and planting, supplying plants and seeds etc or helping out in some other way we haven’t thought of yet.

Reuse and recycle as much as possible is part of what of goes on at Incredible Edible and sometimes we need to put a call out for certain items, like unwanted pallets or compost. If you are able to help with these (or helping to pass on the word) or have anything you no longer require that could be used in our current or future projects, do let us know.

To recap then, you don’t need to be a gardener. Other skills or things to donate are welcome:

  • digging
  • woodworking
  • supplying plants and seeds
  • woodwork skills
  • baking cakes
  • coffee & tea making
  • administration & project work
  • making signs

No doubt there’s lots more!!

So, if you’d like to help out …

Contact Us
And finally, something that we can’t say often enough …

Thank you!

Thank you to all those that have already kindly donated unwanted items to the cause, spread the word via social media, given up their time or provided coffee and cakes. It’s all greatly appreciated.

Your generous support makes all the difference.