West Swindon is even more IncrEdible tonight!

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Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe! In addition to the beautiful Lydiard Park and superior access to the M4, tonight West Swindon is also enjoying it’s fifth IncrEdible bed.

We started yesterday in the sunshine, clearing weeds and relocating daffodils (don’t worry, it was all above board). Thanks to Ross at the Community Centre, the area had recently been dug over.  We imagined how hard it would have been had that not happened! The worms were also cared for and as few as possible suffered from a careless spade (sorry).

Freshbrook Bed1

Leaky HoseThe new bed enjoys a prime spot in the sunshine with only minor shade cast by neighbouring trees. Three quarters of the year this bed lies on the thoroughfare for parents and children on the school run. This is advantageous to catch the odd watering. However, with twelve weeks holiday a year – most of them in the summer – the bed could lie unvisited and thirsty. In order to keep our plants watered, we installed a leaky hose

(or rather two!) in the soil. This should hopefully make watering easier and also help conserve the stuff of life after rain. If it works, you will be the first to know.

Compost and manure was then added to the area and, as we are getting on for the end of April, veg was directly sown into the soil. These seeds had strict instructions to stay covered during the cold snap forecast for the end of this week.

The bed lies next to a school sporting a purple uniform, so it is proposed that all the fruit, veg and herbs be as purple as possible. The Rhubarb (a very light purple…) is in and so are the red (err sorry, purple) onion sets, the purple (yep, really this time!) radishes and the beetroot. They all have signs. Other purple things will follow throughout the season. Beetroot_Sign

A massively huge THANK YOU to Jo (who also turned up on Day Two and got a bit handy with a metal band!), Georgie, Jack, Helen, Hayley, Sophie, Grace and Sarah for gardening. To Faye and Martin (and everyone else who offered – if this works I’ll be collecting….) for the hoses. To Justin for the manure,  Hills Waste Solutions for the compost and PPG Architectural Coatings for the sign paint.

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