Weekly gardening at the Central Community Centre

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We had a successful work party in the sun at the Central Community Centre last Tuesday evening and another yesterday – lots of watering this time of year. It just got easier too – we can use the hosepipe now.

Last week we were preparing a salad bed for sowing, breaking up what felt like rocks after the recent baking under the hot sun. You can see folks working away in Anna’s photos. Yesterday the same bed was mulched and then sown with salad – spinach, spring onions, lettuce and radish, plus some marigolds as companion plants. (Doesn’t matter if the marigolds don’t flower, the marigold leaves will still help with the bugs).

The giant sunflowers are, well, giant – twice the height of Amanda. They tower over you and if you stand near them as they sway gently in the wind it’s quite disconcerting!

The hollyhocks planted last year are doing well with their tall spires of bright colours.

The end bed was planted this year with annuals and hollyhocks sown in the spring. The snapdragons, poppies and pinks have filled out and look fabulous. The hollyhocks in the same bed shouldn’t be flowering till next year but they’ve decided to start flowering already (even without the spires that their older relatives have in the next bed along). Let’s not tell them they’ve got it wrong!

Thanks to all our helpers, we couldn’t do it without you. Also a big thank you to the donor of the “Black Prince” snapdragons/Antirrhinums. That end bed wouldn’t look half as good without your kind donation.

And finally …

A quote from one of the volunteers …

“That end bed looks so lovely, I could just kiss it!”


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