Snapdragons, sunflowers and seed saving at the CCC

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Yesterday evening (Tuesday) we were back at the Central Community Centre for another gardening session.

Thank you to the folks who came along to work on the various jobs, which included restaking and tying back the sunflowers and hollyhocks. The sunflowers particularly needed help, with one bowing its head down to pedestrian height. Nice to look at but a bit untidy. The tomatoes got the same treatment, albeit with shorter canes. Toms are still green – not ready yet.

What is ready to harvest?

  • Rocket (there’s loads of it)
  • Fennel (the leafy part not the root)
  • Runner beans
  • Lettuce – there are still some dotted about by the courgettes.

What is not ready to harvest?

The courgettes have been cropped heavily and now they need to be left to grow more flowers and to allow the “fruit” to grow to a decent size. If left alone they can become enormous zeppelins. (I’m growing a couple of the same variety at home and they are HUGE!)

Same for the herbs at the front beside the footpath and the sweetcorn. They’ve been somewhat plundered and need time to grow.

Meanwhile …

We also carried out a bit of weeding and hoeing with dandelions, groundsel and hairy bittercress needing some attention.

Seed saving in paper bags, we managed to collect seed from the lupins, hollyhocks and Little Leo dwarf sunflowers. The dwarf sunflowers were deadheaded back to buds further down the stems (thanks to a newly learnt skill from the gardeners at Lydiard) so we may get even more Little Leo flowers this year. Plus with yesterday’s seed saving hopefully we’ll have lots more plants for free next year!

Finally, we’ve already got lots of photos of the sunflowers, so it seemed an idea to show the end bed in all it’s glory, with snapdragons, hollyhocks, pinks and poppies. (The poppies have gone to seed now and their seed heads add a bit of interest to the centre of the raised bed).

Next week we may be doing something a bit different in the Railway Village and Central Community Centre – keep your eye on our events page for next Tuesday 6th Sept.

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