New Plantlings in Woollaton

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In contrast to our last community foray into the Woollaton Close planters (Grange Park, West Swindon), we picked a sunny day to kick off the major planting of the beds. In the interim they had been manured and dug over (thank you Justin!) and a layer of compost spread.

Tracey and her two boys along with Sam the Elder were kept busy planting brassicas and lettuce in the triangular bed which was then lovingly watered by Sam the Younger. Thanks to Téa and Fiona for wielding several full cans of water and finishing the job.

Justin and Gavin re-dug the large bed and, with Sam the Elder once again flexing his planting muscles, we now have tomatoes, potatoes, courgettes, carrots and the beginnings of a lovely herb rockery. We also have two blackcurrant bushes and some blueberry cuttings which will hopefully root in their newly created Acid Quarter.

Not only is everything looking lovely, but the weather has played ball and watered in our plantings beautifully over the past two day. May just have to check the slugs haven’t come out to play just yet..!

There will be some more planting to follow over the next few weeks as the summer gets going – so watch this space! Thank you to everyone who has joined in so far and contributed time, effort, materials, water and refreshment. Only another few weeks and we can begin harvesting………!

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