New IncrEdible activity in West Swindon

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Freshbrook_Church1_5_18Two weeks ago we broke Incredible Edible ground on a large bed outside Freshbrook Church in West Swindon. Overgrown shrubs and a slew of forget-me-nots, lungwort and heather were relocated to make way for an initial covering of manure and tomatoes.

As gardeners, we were lucky with the weather. As newly planted tomatoes, the hot, sunny weekend was maybe a little over-bearing, but diligent watering by members of the church assured their welfare. The tomatoes have since been joined by some herbs. Other edibles will be added in the coming weeks.Freshbrook_Church5_18

As with all other incredible edible beds, the space will be gardened by the local community. The food is freely available and the church kitchen has already staked their claim!

After hours of clearing, we had transformed nearly half of the bed. A second date has yet to be confirmed to transform the rest of the bed. If you wish to join us, please get in touch.

Thank you to Steve, Justin, Julie and Ruth for all gardening and plant re-homing activities.

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