New helpers for Tuesday’s 6pm gardening session

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We’re gardening at the Central Community Centre Tuesday evening (20th Sept) at 6pm. More information here. We’ve also gained some new helpers. Ladybird larvae. They are munching their way through the blackfly that have appeared on the beans. There’s a lot of munching for them to do but it’s pretty amazing to see. Personally I’ve never noticed the larvae before. Adults yes but not larvae. They look nothing like their parents – completely different shape and patterns and if you didn’t know better, you’d probably think they weren’t related. Anyway … Last week we added some organic seaweed feed to the pumpkins. They put on about 3 feet of growth which is pretty awesome. No sign of pumpkins yet but fingers crossed. Even teeny weeny sized they’d still be nice to have for Halloween. Things to do Tues eve include:

  • Deadheading
  • Weeding (as always)
  • Cutting back
  • Maybe even changing the sign – tomatoes are nearly ready

See you soon.

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