May 6th 2017 work party at the CCC

May 6th 2017 work party at the CCC

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It feels like spring is already zipping by and summer is hurtling towards us. Time to do stuff!

Join us on Saturday at 10am on May 6th 2017 for a gardening session at the Central Community Centre (CCC for short) in the Railway Village.

Fresh air and green stuff all around, some of which we’ll be hoiking out as it’s weeds – but not all.

You may have noticed the chest high green stuff with yellow flowers in one of the veg beds. It’s green manure that we’ll be chopping down, leaving it to break down into the soil and enrich it for our planting and sowing in June.

That’s not the only job – we’ve also got weeding, hoeing, remove litter, leaves, dead stalks, prune plants and tie up plants (the clematis is making an escape bid for the Health Hydro).

When we’ve finished, all the beds will be spruced up for their current occupants and their new neighbours (more herbs, veg and flowers in their respective areas in front of the CCC).

Children welcome if they bring a responsible adult. Please wear old clothes and suitable footwear.

Hopefully we’ll have sorted some cake out too.

See you soon.

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