June 3rd 2017 work party at the CCC

June 3rd 2017 work party at the CCC

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Planting day has arrived. (Well nearly)

Join us on Saturday at 10am on June 3rd 2017 for a gardening session at the Central Community Centre (CCC for short) in the Railway Village.

We prepped the beds a few weeks ago. No doubt there’ll be some more weeds to sort and few other things. On the whole though we’ll be planting little (and some not so little) green beasties that will hopefully bear fruit, veg and assorted flowers.

There is a lot to plant, so we”ll be running through till 2pm with a break for cake, tea and coffee.

Children welcome if they bring a responsible adult. Please wear old clothes, suitable footwear and gloves.

See you soon.

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