Gardening in Godolphin

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The sun came out for us as we broke ground on the fourth IncrEdible space in West Swindon. One large planter with grass, dandelions and a yellow rooted bush was turned into a space Monty Don might have been proud of! We got busy with forks (one was sadly damaged during the making of this plot), spades and other bladed tools to get rid of the weeds and the large, prickly bush. Godolphin_start

The kids quickly established Worm Hill out of the turves we moved. Every worm considered in danger of coming close to the gardening tools was relocated. Worm Hill was given a sign and residents were joined by a couple of woodlice. Snails and slugs were not welcome and the kids relocated them elsewhere.

Godolphin_Dig2The bush was first trimmed so we could get close enough to dig it up. Unusually, it was a vibrant yellow colour under the bark. It resisted for a good couple of hours before we drafted in an extra man for the final extraction.

As we all know, IncrEdibles work best on cake and so it came out, along with tea, coffee and biscuits. Sarah and Lucy supplemented the snack with provisions from a quick trip to the shops! After a short break and a bag of chips, the adults resumed play. The plot was dug over again to remove child-led compaction and manure and compost added. Peas, onions and lettuce were planted. Just enough time to enjoy a cuppa in the sunshine before the rain came down to water in our vegetables.

Thank you to Nici, Tim, Lucy, Reece, Jo, Dave, Georgie, Jack, Sarah and Erin. Massive thanks (as always) to the lovely Justin for the manure and Hills Group who donated the compost.




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