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Saturday saw the Spring tidy of the bed at Freshbrook Centre. Bulbs were relocated (with varying degrees of success) to the verge and weeds removed. 

Lured by the beautiful weather conditions we may have got a little carried away with the planting. We have tried sticking to the purple theme again so as not to clash with the Millbrook school uniform.

Tomatoes – only a few in case they didn’t survive an early planting – on one side. These are small, red (I mean light purple) snacking tomatoes and will be joined later in the year by the yellow (for a stunning contrast worthy of Vivienne Westwood) Sungold variety. Between the tomatoes we have beetroot and turnip. We have several herbs (as purple as we could get them) as well as the snow survivors – onions and garlic.

Several sunflower seeds (yellow to match the tomatoes – see it’s all planned..!) were sprinkled liberally in the soil. But back up plants are germinating indoors too, just in case the slugs get their radula into the outside ones as they grow.

Great support from the local feline population and also a passing (human) resident who donated 3 runner beans from the six pack he had just purchased. Sadly one has already suffered from mollusc scoffage, but the other two are currently doing well.

We also got the chance to use our new water butt. Thanks to Jo for donating it and Ross, Emma and SBC for letting us install it at the side of the community centre. A watering can will join it shortly then, once we hit tropical temperatures, please feel free to use it and water the veg if you are passing.

There is still room for much more in the bed. So if you live close by and wish to avail yourself of anything and we haven’t planted it, please let us know and we can maybe sort that out. Alternatively, if you have some plants – feel free to pop them in yourself.


Thanks to the lovely Jo, Georgie, Erin and Sarah for gardening and the equally lovely Justin for continued manure supplies.

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