More Corporate Activity at Toothill Farmhouse

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On a wet Friday in April , seven volunteers from RWE Innogy UK joined us to continue work on the beds at Toothill Farmhouse. Weeds had undone much of the good work accomplished before Christmas by Nationwide staff and inedible flowers were chancing their arm (or root) in the edible bed.

Stu the Handyman had already fixed the shed and created a lovely gate for the compost heap, but some of the fence was still in a state of disrepair. Thanks to Chris, Kyle and Queen Zoe of Gate for fixing the rest.

The flowers were replanted by Ffion, Rachel and Fruzsina in the area around the boat (yes – boat!) and the newly vacated Brassica Bed now houses kales and cabbages of varying descriptions. We also planted lettuces and herbs in the bed by the barbeque and a lovely peach tree behind the trellis to take full advantage of the sun.

Anna was orchestrator of the day, purchaser of equipment and refreshments and on general duty throughout the garden.

We have yet to complete renovations of the Teddy Bear’s Cottage but you will be the first to know of our plans.

If you are in the area, please feel free to pop by and admire our handiwork, nip out the odd weed, divert the odd slug or indeed flex any other gardening muscle you care to.

Thanks to everyone for their time and effort.

Images (left to right) by courtesy of:
1) Anna of Incredible Edible Swindon
2) Zoe Keeton
3) Kyle Raistrick

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