Hotbed for Winter

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In addition to the late planting of our West Swindon beds with garlic, onions and broad beans, we decided to construct a hotbed. Hotbeds were used regularly in Victorian times to provide the kitchen with vegetables that would normally be … Continued

New Plantlings in Woollaton

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In contrast to our last community foray into the Woollaton Close planters (Grange Park, West Swindon), we picked a sunny day to kick off the major planting of the beds. In the interim they had been manured and dug over … Continued

Woollaton Planters Work Party

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We have a work party at Woollaton Close, Grange Park, Swindon at 10am this Sunday, 8th May. The beds were started off in January with a major weed clearing session. Since then they’ve been topped up with compost and well … Continued

Weeding in Woollaton

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All went well in Woollaton Close, Grange Park today and the project got off to a great start. Fortunately the light drizzle faded away which made things a lot easier. We had cake and tea/coffee (thank you Anna, Kathryn & … Continued

Grange Park Planters

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Our next work party – clearing, filling and planting the raised brick beds in the car park area of Woollaton Close, Grange Park, West Swindon. We’ll be kicking off with the first steps on Sunday, 31st January at 10 a.m. … Continued