• Planting onions and garlic in the central community garden
  • Sowing in progress at the central community centre


It’s all about working with local folk like yourself and planting vegetables, fruit trees, herbs throughout Swindon to be freely available for the community to enjoy.

The idea is to replicate the successful growing revolution that started in Todmorden.



We believe that we are stronger together, so all our projects are collaborations with all interested parties and of course local residents. We work on a number of projects and are always keen to hear about new ideas or advice that we can give/receive. See our blog for project updates.


Help Out

If you would like to offer spare time or raw materials, please get in touch. We love to reuse & recycle as much as possible and occasionally need things like unwanted pallets or compost.
Not interested in gardening yet still would like to help in some other way? Let us know.



We meet up for a social on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 6-8pm in the Glue Pot Inn in Swindon’s historic railway village.

If you are interested in what we do and/or getting involved, then this social evening is a good opportunity to meet us.
See you soon!

Helping to grow our communities one Edible at a time!

Proud to be part of the Incredible Edible Network


June 3rd 2017 work party at the CCC

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Planting day has arrived. (Well nearly) Join us on Saturday at 10am on June 3rd 2017 for a gardening session at the Central Community Centre (CCC for short) in the Railway Village. We prepped... READ MORE

Gardening in Godolphin

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The sun came out for us as we broke ground on the fourth IncrEdible space in West Swindon. One large planter with grass, dandelions and a yellow rooted bush was turned into a... READ MORE